ElemeNT version2


multiple sequences are supported in multiple FASTA format
(lines starting with ' > ' followed by the sequence name).
The length of each individual sequence is limited to 1000bp.
Recommended sequence length is 200bp.

Search for the following elements:
cutoff cutoff cutoff
Cutoff values can only range from 0 to 1.
Only elements whose probability is higher than the specified cutoff value will be displayed.
* MTE, DPE and Bridge elements are scored only relative to a detected Initiator motif

Command line versions of the ElemeNT algorithm are available upon request

Use 0 to 1 values to retrieve PWM matches.

Please provide a tab-separated PWM values (spaces are supported), according to the indicated nucleotide order.
Since consensus sequence of your PWM is not available, consensus score will appear as "NA".
Pay attention- positions containing zero values will behave as "must positions".
Negative values are not supported.